Piggy Cupcakes


These fluffy little pink velvet cupcakes of adorableness are less a recipe and more of a crafty idea. They are adorable, no?

I had to make this to help my younger sister with a school project. I think she’s impressed! 😀 While I was making them, I though to photograph the assembly for a quicker post tonight. For me, summer starts on Wednesday (woot woot!) so the posts should be coming more frequently. (I feel like I’ve been saying that forever!)

Anywho, these little dudes are suuuuuuuuper easy to assemble, unless you’re going the homemade route. They would most definitely fall under the Lazy Man’s category. Boxed cake mix, premade frosting, marshmallows, strawberry wafers, and mini chocolate chips are all you’ll need to construct the little piggy cupcakes!

Follow the directions to make the cupcakes. I found a Duncan Hines pink velvet cake mix at Sunset and it worked perfectly! Bake according to the directions on the box. I got 24 regular-sized cupcakes out of one box. Awesome, right?


(It was nice enough to photograph outside–yay!)

Then using some hot pink vanilla frosting from Pillsbury, I slathered a generous amount on top.


You’ll then take your regular-sized marshmallow and either cut it in half with scissors or a knife. Either way is fine. Place the marshmallow sticky-side down towards the bottom of your cupcake. If you can find pink marshmallows, it would be even better! 🙂


(The camera would not focus for some reason….sorry for the crummy shot! 😦 )

Take two of the mini chocolate chips and stick them to the marshmallow using frosting for glue. How cute, right?


You’ll then take those strawberry wafers and cut out little triangles. I found that one wafer could give me 6-8 little triangles, so you will not need to use the entire package!


Take two and place them towards the top of the cupcake like ears.


Yay for off-center pictures! And crummy lighting (stupid shadows…)!

Take two more chocolate chips and stick ’em above the marshmallow like eyes. Voila! Your finished cupcake! ❤


…And now do that 23 more times. Perfect! 😀


Gah! The adorableness!

This would be a great project to do with kids on a rainy day (or a sunny day like me. Who needs outside?), with a class, while babysitting, or even for a picnic! Everyone will get a kick out of these adorable cupcakes–so why not? 😀


I found inspiration on Pinterest for these. 😉



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