Patriotic Fruit Salad



Two recipes in one day?


Happy Fourth of July, everybody! 😀

This particular treat is even simpler than the Patriotic Jello Cups.

Well…I guess you do have to deal with big, scary knives to cut up the fruit…but that’s about it. No baking, no stove, no microwave needed. And for the adorable (and healthy!) result you get, it’s worth it!

You’re pretty much taking some watermelon, pears, and blueberries and arranging them on a large platter to look like a flag. 🙂


This is a small watermelon, by the way. You’ll start with this, cut it up into small, vaguely square shapes, and arrange them in a row on a platter.


Then, you’ll take some pears (or apples, or bananas–any fruit that is white enough to act as the white stripe)…


(We got a big ol’ bag of pears at Costco. Score! 😉 )

Slice 1-2 pears per row, and arrange them underneath the watermelon.

fruitflag4And keep on doing this until you reach the bottom of the platter. 🙂




Once you do this, you’ll take a square-shaped bowl–or you can just move the other fruit around until you’ve got a blank square in the upper-left corner on the platter. Blueberries will go here (a favorite fruit of mine!). 😀

fruitflag9And there you have it! The most patriotic fruit salad you’ll ever see. 😉

Let’s get to it, shall we?

What you’ll need…

  • 1 small watermelon
  • 5-6 pears
  • 1 large platter
  • 1 small, square bowl
    1. Start by slicing up the watermelon into cubes. Arrange them in a row at the top of the platter.
    2. Follow up with the pears, slicing 1-2 per row and arranging them beneath the watermelon.
    3. Continue layering until you reach the bottom of the platter.
    4. Using the square bowl, or clearing a space in the upper-left corner, place the blueberries there.
    5. Enjoy!


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