New Address!



Does it look a little different around here? 

Maybe just a little? 

A change in font color, maybe an updated post here and there, or… 

hey, maybe it’s the URL! :O


I saved up my pennies and purchased my domain, so now this blog is officially

I’m so excited. 😀

And because I didn’t realize that having a professional move your website for you was an additional hundred dollars, I had a project for today!  Yay…? 

Also, anyone who follows SGL via email is now following this address so you’ll continue to receive post updates, and if you click the old website link (like on Google), you’ll be redirected to this little corner of the interweb. 😉 

There are still a couple of kinks to be worked out, and there may be some changes in the coming weeks, but I’m very happy with the posting groove we’ve got goin’ on at the moment, so things will continue on as normal. (By the way, what do you guys think? A recipe every week and then the Sweet Life Bites Weekly on Weekends?) I’ve got a Pinterest-inspired (isn’t everything?) birthday/breakfast themed recipe planned for tomorrow, so expect to see that soon! 

Just an update, short & sweet. 🙂 

See ya! 


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