Fudgy Brownie Cookies


Hello again, lovely peoples! 

I’m back for another post!

I feel like I’m behind on greetings…my last post was on the first of November (oh, goodness), so…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas!

And a very happy New Year! Oh my good Lord, it’s 2015.

Do you guys have any resolutions for the new year? Planned diets, exercise plans, stepping outside your comfort zone (even if it’s something as simple as swapping your nude lippie for a bright fuschia? No? Just me? ‘Kay.) As for me, I’m hoping to be a brighter, more optimistic person, and to try to live in the moment a bit more–I tend to focus on tomorrow instead of enjoying today. I need to do a better job of stopping and smelling the roses, y’know? 

That’ll be enough preaching from me. Shall I introduce la recette (ooh, French!)? 😉


I bring you fudgy brownie cookies today. Decadent, soft & chewy chocolate cookies are bursting with gooey chocolate chips. These cookies and milk are a match made in heaven, let me tell you. I told myself I had to stop after my fourth. 😉 Fresh out of the oven, or heated in the microwave for a couple of seconds…there’s no other way. Not with this many chocolate chips involved!



The ingredients are fairly simple, which is always a plus. Your basic cookie ingredients–all-purpose flour; an egg; a stick o’ buttah; some light brown sugar; it’s plain cousin, granulated sugar; pure vanilla extract; and baking soda–combine with some chunky sea salt, a bit of milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a cup of chocolate chips (the best part). You could use regular salt, but I prefer sea salt, just because I love the contrast between a sweet, gooey, chocolatey cookie and the chunky sea salt–it also provides a bit of texture, so between the thick base, the melted chocolate chips, and the sea salt, it’ll be like a cookie palooza in your mouth! 😀 Now who doesn’t want that? 



Along with already-in-your-pantry ingredients, it won’t take rocket science to make these. You whisk together your dry ingredients, beat the butter, add in the sugars, the vanilla, the eggs, and the milk, pour in your dry ingredients, measure out a generous cup of chocolate chippies, and then chill it in the fridge for at least an hour. While you’re waiting, feel free to have a dance party in your kitchen, watch a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds (great show), or catch up in the book you’re reading (a la moi–I’m reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, because I want to see the movie, and oh my goodness gracious…cookies are necessary when reading a book this intense. Take my word for it.)



After an hour is up, roll out about a tablespoon and a half of dough into little balls, 9 per cookie sheet. The dough is much easier to work with once chilled! They’ll cook in the oven (which as been heated to 350 degrees, of course) for about 10 minutes. They’ll look puffy, and slightly underdone–that’s a good thing! As they cool, they’ll settle, and if they’re still too puffy for your liking, you can press down on them with the back of a spoon. Take advantage of this cooling time to stick in a couple (or a lot) more chocolate chips. They’ll melt and make the cookies even more irresistible (is that possible?). 


These bad boys are fresh outta the oven. Yes, please!


I wish I’d made these for Christmas Eve–I bet good ol’ Saint Nick would’ve left a couple extra gifts underneath the tree if he’d had some fudgy brownie cookies! When I was younger, that’s what boggled my little mind about Santa–not the whole flying-around-the-world overnight business, or making gifts for billions of people and then fitting them all on one lil’ sleigh, or the tags on the gifts that were written in handwriting suspiciously similar to my dad’s…no; how on earth did he eat so many cookies? 

The world may never know. 😉 

Let’s get into it, shall we? 


[yumprint-recipe id=’12’]DSCN2474_Fotor


I just wanted to apologize for the weird square-2015-Sweet-Gra at the bottom of my pictures. I was trying out a new watermark and obviously…it didn’t translate well! Thanks 🙂

Original recipe here.



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