Switching Things Up: Sweet Grace’s Life 2.0

Good afternoon, folks! 

So, as you might’ve noticed, I’ve done some redecorating.

Like, majorly. 

I bet you’re looking around, wondering what on earth a “tidbit” is and what that has to do with chocolate chip cookies. What happened to the dark (chocolate!) side? 


It all has to do with a birthday and a talk with my mom over some chili. I’ll explain. 

The Back Story: 

So this blog is gonna be two years old in about two weeks, and I’ve been feeling kinda lackluster in the direction that it was going. I love this little corner of the interweb, don’t get me wrong, and all of the creative freedom that this platform gives me, but what with my job and a host of other things, I wasn’t able to put in the effort that I wanted to, and the long, wordy posts filled with a multitude of painstakingly edited photos took a good day or two to put together, and it just wasn’t working. The posts were starting to feel insincere, and it made me sad. So, one night over bowls of chili & guac, my mom and I pieced together a new direction for SGL, filled with, as the new tagline suggests, style, school, beauty–and, of course, food.

And thusly, Sweet Grace’s Life got a makeover.

How It’s Going to Work: 

Every post on SGL (the food ones, at least 🙂 ) is archived under the Sweet Eats category, and the others under the Tidbits & Tangents page. Future posts will be archived under the four categories that you see in the navigation bar–Style Snaps, Sweet Eats, Tidbits & Tangents, and Brain Candy. 

As far as posting frequency goes, I’m hoping to post much more often–to the tune of 4 or 5 times a week. Now, granted, these are not going to be super in depth, wordy posts, filled with a hundred pictures and whatnot. They are going to be Sweet Life Bites–sweet, short, and to the point. 😉 On weekends, I’m thinking about putting together longer, more in-depth posts, but as far as weekdays go, that’s the plan. 

I think. 

This is totally a learning process–new writing style, new schedules, new photography style, new blog layout–so I’m just gonna ask you to bear with me. 😀 You guys who read this blog have stuck with it through the crazy irregular scheduling and all,  so if you have any comments, suggestions, thoughts for improvement, anything at all, please leave a comment or send me a quick note. It’s all very much appreciated. ❤ 

Enjoy your day, lovelies! Thanks so much. 

– Grace

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