Getting Organized

planner3planner1planner // colorful flare pens

With a new blog schedule comes a new need to be organized, and a new excuse to go out and splurge on some cute organizational, erm, necessities, we’ll call it.  😉 Hence the adorable planner. I mean, how could you resist? It’s Kate Spade. Let’s be real. 

Back to being organized. So, for me, I need to write everything down. Everything, or else it goes in one ear and out the other, and I have a feeling I’m not alone on that front–especially when it comes to school. Over the past couple of years, I’ve honed in on a strategy that works pretty darn well for me, and though I’m not in school as of now (woot woot), I thought I’d show you all how it works, what with school less than a month away and everything (I know, I know 😥 ). 

In colorful flare pens (I’ve read it helps with memory retention–we’ll see about that), I outline my class schedule on each of the spaces, with a miscellaneous line at the bottom. Kinda self-explanatory, I know. If I have any tests, quizzes, field trips, big projects due–you get my drift–I write that in black pen & highlight it next to the date. Any other social events and whatnot (though they’re few and far between during the school year, but it’s what I use my planner for in the summer!) get noted in a similar fashion. 

Now that your planner’s all set up, how do you keep it all nice and organized? Again, it’s taken me quite some time to figure out this handy-dandy system, but it’s kept me on track so far, so here goes nothin’: 

  1. Carry it with you. Everywhere. At (almost) all times. You won’t remember that you typed in that date on your phone, or that the homework assignment is on the back of your hand.  Stick it in your backpack, or better yet, keep it out on your desk where you can see it (during school, that is). You come to rely on it more than you think!
  2. Write it down the minute you get it. Be it the textbook reading for that night (those page numbers get mixed up real fast) or your practice schedule for field hockey, if you take the minute or two to jot it down, you won’t ever run into the oh, crap moment of forgetting something, or double-booking yourself. 
  3. Use the front pocketThis may seem like kind of a random tip, but I know I use it more than you’d think. Most planners come with a little paper pocket that seems useless at first glance–but it’s not. If your planner’s always on you, it’s a good place to keep important sheets that you don’t want to lose–business cards, field trip forms, invitations, school I.D.’s, etc. 
  4. Don’t let it fall to the wayside. Stay on top of it, because it can only help you. It’s like organizing a giant stack of mental paperwork into neat little file folders; it’s a breath of fresh air. 

I am not the most organized person on the planet, lemme tell ya, but if someone had given me this at the beginning of freshman year, I think it would’ve helped me learn to juggle life in general just a tad better. My younger brother is going to be a freshman this year (future blog post? Inside the mind of a freshman boy? 😛 I digress), and it just made me think of the little things I wished I would’ve known when I started high school–like how to organize my planner. 🙂 Everyone has their own way of doing things, and you can tweak this method until it suits you best, but it’s a starting point, right? 

Enjoy your weekend! 😀

– Grace


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