What to Watch: YouTube Subscriptions

Good afternoon, everybody! For today’s little bit of brain candy (that sounds really gross… :P), I thought I’d share with you my YouTube subscriptions, give you some ideas for what to watch as you’re laying in bed at 10 at night, unable to fall asleep, or during your break time at work. (Or, if you’re like my brother, something to pass the time while you’re…erm…taking care of business, shall we say?). Rationale aside, let’s get into it. 


Bailey B – she’s really great for makeup reviews that are short, to the point, and well done, as well as beautiful tutorials that I wish I was talented enough to do! She was my first YouTube subscription, as it turns out, and is still to this day. 😀

emilynoel83 (and Beauty Broadcast Express) – one of my most favorite beauty YouTubers out there has got to be Emily. She’s so much fun to watch, her videos and tutorials are fantastic, and her baby daughter Belle is just too stinkin’ cute! The product reviews she posts on her other channel (Beauty Broadcast Express) have helped me build my current makeup stash, which I am in love with–I wholeheartedly trust whatever is recommended on that channel. 

Claudia Sulewski – the difference with her is that she’s younger, more on the teenage spectrum, so the way she applies makeup and the cost difference in the products she uses (because you’re not gonna be paying for that Dior foundation, no matter how good it is, with babysitting money) is much easier to adopt into my own routine. Plus, she’s super relatable. A win in my book!

eleventhgorgeous (and TeeAndEss) – hands down two of my favorite YouTubers of all time. They’re funny (the How-Not-to-Wear-Makeup series 😉 ), they’re great at what they do, and their taste test videos on their TeeAndEss channel are my absolute faves. Check it out. 

ItsKeerstin – she may be a beauty channel, but she’s hilarious, too. If you need a laugh or something to put a smile on your face, I highly recommend checking out her channel!

Jaclyn Hill – I kinda feel like this ones a given. She is the YouTube beauty tutorial queen, and she’s just a whole lotta fun to watch. Though the contouring videos might be a little much (just how much makeup am I applying??), all of her makeup looks are perfection. 

MakeupbyAmarie – gorgeous makeup looks. Absolutely flawless. ‘Nuff said .

MakeupbyTiffanyD – Between the bea-u-ti-ful eyeshadow tutorials, charming southern accent, and adorable baby girl Olivia, she’s ticked every box. Subscribe now. You won’t be sorry!

Tati – If you ever need to know what’s new at the drugstore, or a review on just about every product under the sun, or how to get flawless skin, Tati’s got it. Daily posting, too! And her little dog is just too cute. 🙂 

KathleenLights – She’s got perfect hair, perfect brows, and easy-to-follow, gorgeous tutorials. Her personality is what makes her channel great, though!


CrashCourse – This YouTube channel alone is probably the reason I did so well on my bio final. And why I was able to hold my own in a very tough world civ class. John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns) covers the history side of the channel while his brother, Hank Green, does all of the science-related videos. Though they may talk a little quick (it takes some getting used to!) they break down even the most complex of ideas (*cough* photosynthesis *cough* cellular respiration) into a short, easily understandable, and quite humorous video. Every student should be subscribed to this channel!

SciShow (and SciShow Space) – This is kind of a spin off of CrashCourse, run by Hank Green and a couple other people. These daily videos are all sorts of weird or interesting scientific topics, like why pepper makes you sneeze, or the science behind The Dress (you all remember that, right??). Plus, if you ever go on a trivia show, this is the kind of stuff you’ll need to know for it. Jeopardy here you come. 

vlogbrothers – I watch lots of the Green brothers, I’m just realizing now. This is their personal channel, where they post vlogs of just about anything. My personal favorite are Hank’s rants. I laugh hysterically every. Single. Time

Vsauce – Along the same lines as SciShow, Vsauce covers topics you wouldn’t really think about, and then melts your brain with the explanations behind certain things or the tangents he goes off on. I never thought of what color a mirror was before–and now I can’t stop. Or, have you ever wondered what the speed of dark was? Check out the channel if you’re curious. I know you are. 😉 


BastilleVEVO – If you’re not aware, my favorite band of all time is Bastille, so of course I’m subscribed to their YouTube channel. They’re music is as flawless as lead singer Dan Smith’s quiff, so, y’know, they’re worth a listen! 🙂

RosyMcMichael – Okay, so technically she’s a beauty channel, but she speaks Spanish, so that’s why I put her in the “random” category. I take Spanish in school, but I’ve read online that the only way to truly learn a language is through immersion, and I figure for the most part I can understand what’s going on, so…yeah. If you’re bilingual (or attempting to be so, in my case) you might as well check out her channel. 😉

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Pride & Prejudice is reimagined into a vlog-style, modern-day scenario told from the point of view of grad student Lizzie Bennet that is Emmy-winning and–I  kid you not–moved me to tears. If you’re a Darcy fanatic, please, please watch this series. There’s only 100 episodes, each fourish minutes long, and each one is utterly engrossing and totally worth it. 

*I also have a love of America’s Got Talent & X Factor audition compilations. They’re definitely a fave!

Alright, so you can probably tell what I like by my YouTube subscriptions, but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch others! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite YouTubers and channels–I’d love to hear them! 

Until next time, lovelies! 

– Grace 🙂



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