Summer Brights


L’Oreal Pop Balm “Caring Coral” // Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color “Guava” // Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids “Vivid Rose” // Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment “Tulip” // Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick “Kimchi”

Summer is a time for the bright and the beautiful. The trees are greener, the flowers bold and abundant, the sun shining a little brighter, a little longer, and a little hotter. 😉 It’s like the saturation on life has been cranked up momentarily, only to be drained away come November to a bleakly-colored world of beige and grey. Granted, I love cable knit sweaters and riding boots as much as the next person, but the three-month hiatus from it all is absolutely lovely. 😀

Alright, enough soliloquizing. 😛

Let’s get to the point of this post–lipstick!

Like I said, summer is the time for the bright and the beautiful, and cosmetics are no exception. There’s nothing like a good vivid lip color to complement your sun-bronzed skin. Or, even if you don’t tan all that much, you can never go wrong with a bright pink. 😛

These five I’ve selected are my go-tos, my mains, my MVP’s–lemme break it down for you. The first, a pop-balm from L’Oreal, is a low key but surprisingly vivid coral that’s super comfortable to wear and more pink than orange. It’s on the sheer side, but can be built up if you’d like, and there’s no sparkle or shimmer in it.

The next is a step up from the first, pigment-wise, and is a Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color that is my favorite summer shade. It’s on the more red end of the coral spectrum, and has tiny gold flecks in it. Despite this, it’s still super comfortable (you can’t feel them at all) and stays on for a long time, as long as you don’t eat a hamburger or something while wearing it, because it will wear away from the inside out. 

Getting away from the coral shades, the Maybelline lipstick is possibly the brightest lipstick I own, and probably the most flattering, too. It’s creamy, suuupppeerrr pigmented, and makes your teeth look whiter and your skin tanner. It’s not quite a Barbie-pink, not quite a firetruck red, but the perfect in between. It’s perfect. 

The Fresh lip balm is the toned-down, lower-maintenance version of the Maybelline lipstick. It’s more pink than the latter, but very comfortable. You can apply it without a mirror and still know that it looks fab. That’s always a plus, right? I kept it in my school bag along with another shade of the same lip balm because they’re perfect on-the-go kinda shades. 

And lastly, a little lipstick from Bite Beauty that can pack punch, lemme tell ya. This is the Barbie-doll, in-your-face, no-mistaking pink that is not messing around. It’s a one-swipe kinda color that’ll last for hours, and leave a rosy stain behind. If you’re not afraid of color, this is for you! I know I love it. 

So that’s all I have for you today, loves. If you’ve got any lipstick suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them! Have a fabulous day!




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