Summer Running 2.0

Running in ideal conditions is hard enough as is, let alone in 90 degree heat in 90% humidity at 9 o’clock in the morning when you could still be sleeping. Because of this, I’m up for anything that’ll make it less miserable–and why I’ve gathered a few tips & tricks to share with you and make running this summer a little more fun. 😛


Tip #1: Go early. I know, I know. I’m cringing too. But, it makes a h u g e difference conditions-wise. For my school’s cross country summer camp, we meet at 7 in the morning, and while that is painfully early, it’s often ten-to-twenty degrees cooler and significantly less humid than it’ll be even a few hours later. Plus, by going for a run not long after you wake up, you don’t have to worry about eating something before you go. By the time you finish showering off after your run, you’re ready for breakfast and you still have your whole day ahead of you to do with what you please. It might take a day or two to adjust to running earlier, but trust me, you won’t regret it!



Tip #2: Track your runs with some sick gear. I’m someone who likes to be in-the-know and I’m proud of it. I like to know what’s going on, be it the endings of books or plot twists in movies or, in this case, my running stats. I recently broke my old green watch (RIP Garmin Forerunner 10) and replaced it with it’s older sister that’s got a few more bells and whistles. 🙂 I now use the Garmin Forerunner 25 (linked above), which not only gives you the standard features (GPS, pace, distance, etc.) but also provides bluetooth connectivity that syncs up with your phone whenever it’s turned on. Garmin also has a pretty decent app set up (it’s similar to the Fitbit app, if you’re familiar with that) where you can view your progress, as well as connect with friends or family members also on the app. This watch also can act as an activity tracker, counting steps and tracking your sleep, if you so choose. I don’t use it for this particular factor, only because it doesn’t really go with my usual style. 😉 Using a watch also makes keeping track of pace and distance much easier while running. I highly recommend it! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.43.19 PM

Tip #3: Get a good playlist goingMusic makes such a massive difference while running, and because we don’t get to use it during cross country runs, it makes it more of a treat when I do get to have it. It makes running by yourself a little less lonely, too. 😛 I don’t shy away from dancing at stop lights or mouthing the lyrics to myself when running, either. Makes it more interesting ;). Right now, whatever they’re playing on the radio is really workin’ for me (both country and pop 😉 ) so I’ve got a mixture of both on my playlist. Thomas Rhett (T-shirt, anyone?) and Carrie Underwood make some clutch appearances on my playlist, as does that one Ariana Grande song, Into You. So. CATCHY. The new One Republic and P!nk songs are fab, too. You can find my playlist here if you’d like to give it a listen! 😀

That’s all I’ve got for you today! If you’ve got any tips on summer running for me, I would love to hear them! Any help I can get is much appreciated. For real. 😉 



Summer Running

XCsummerPhoto credits to Coach Lev!

With summer drawing to a close, not only does that mean an onslaught of tests and homework and an utter lack of any kind of social life, but it also marks the start of the cross country season!

*cue fireworks and confetti*

Cross country is kind of unique in that, though the season may have officially started this past Monday, a lot of the conditioning and strength-training happened during the summer beforehand, which meant a lot of running these past couple of months. I could not have done it on my own without the help of some amazing teammates and coaches, but I thought I’d share with you some numbers and tips I learned along the way on how to make the most out of your summer training. 😀

265.3 miles logged from June 8-August 15

10 weeks of summer camp made all of the runs go by so much faster, and easier to accomplish. Knowing I had somewhere to be at a specific time, and having to get my rear in gear to get there, helped to make those runs happen. Having a plan to follow throughout those ten weeks also made the runs easier to plan, and much more enjoyable than just doing the same loop every day. 

5-6 runs a week might sound like a lot, but with the amazing group of girls I was privileged enough to run with combined with the different loops and routes we’d do made the time fly. 

4 lonely treadmill runs while on vacation in D.C. My parents weren’t comfortable with the thought of me running around a big city on my own, so I was confined to the row of treadmills in the fitness center of the hotel. 10/10 do not recommend. So. Boring. 

2 pairs of running shoes carried me throughout the summer. I’m a firm believer in my Asics, particularly in their Gel Cumulus line. Knock on wood and all, but I’ve yet to experience shin splints, knee pain, or any other injuries, so I’m going to chalk it up to good genes and great shoes. 😛

1 Garmin watch that tracked nearly every mile I ran. This watch (the Forerunner 10) is the perfect size, weight, level of complexity and durability. As you can see in one of the pictures above, it’s a pretty popular watch among my teammates. I’ve run with it in the rain and dropped it multiple times, and yet it still holds up. I love being able to see how far I’ve run and the pace, too. 10/10 do recommend this watch for your average runner. Perfect! 

1 glass of chocolate milk after almost every run. I read a while ago in Runner’s World that it’s the perfect recovery drink for right after your run (<30 minutes after), and I’ll stand by that! Who doesn’t love an excuse to have a glass of chocolate milk? 😉

1 incredible team that could not have been more encouraging and supportive and all around amazing throughout the summer, coaches and teammates alike, and one that will make for an even more extraordinary season. Go Scouts!

I’d love to hear about any running you’ve done these past couple of months, or what your team (cross country or not) did this summer to get ready for your season! Have a great Wednesday!

~ Grace

School Supplies Essentials

bagbook DSC_0397penplanner goldbagtote // notebooks // planner

As much as it breaks my heart to say so, summer is drawing to a close. 


And so, with the end of summer comes a whirlwind of shopping (which isn’t such a bad thing!). Clothes, shoes, bags (backpacks? Satchels? Who knows.), notebooks, binders, pens, highlighters, novels, textbooks, calculators, and any other random thing that could be necessary throughout the school year is purchased. It’s like stockpiling, you know? As if you’ll never, ever be able to visit another Target again. I mean, it’s the way we shop, right? Like I bought two backup packs of pencils, a backup pack of colored flares, more highlighters than I’ll ever use, an extra notebook, and an extra binder. Will I need all of that? Probably not. 

But you never know. 😉 

So I just thought I’d share with you all what exactly I bought, how I plan on organizing myself, and other tidbits worth sharing. 😀

First off is my bag. It’s a decent-sized, sturdy, reversible, vegan-leather (that’s an oxymoron, right?) tote I picked up from Nordstrom’s. It’s pretty inexpensive and holds everything–but not too much. Last year I was the epitome of a freshman with the massive backpack that clocked in at about 25 pounds. And I carried that around allllll day. So, in an effort to avoid that, I ditched the convenient but enabling backpack for this cuter tote that hopefully will help keep how much I carry around with me in check. 

Part of my problem last year was that I was pretty unorganized because I’d bought a bunch of notebooks and binders at the beginning of the year and had just hoped for the best. The notebooks were trashed by second semester, so I had to restock mid-year which was not fun. This year I got a bunch of these binder-notebook-hybrid things that are basically a five-subject notebook with plastic folder-dividers (which you can move around as needed) wrapped in a sturdy cloth binding. I got two of those, one for my morning classes and one for my afternoon classes, with a single-subject one for math. That way there’s no worry about a separate storage for papers and reading and note-taking. All in one!

I then have my planner, which is absolutely essential during the school year (I did a post on that here). I also have a teal-quilted pencil case with the same old black ballpoint pens, colored flares for color-coding my notes, highlighters, and plenty of mechanical pencils for all of those scantron tests. Oh, the wonder of a number two pencil. 😀 

The gold sparkly bag in the pictures above is kind of my miscellaneous bag, since the purse doesn’t have any pockets. In there I’m keeping a travel-sized hand lotion, a travel-sized bottle of one of my favorite perfumes (don’t worry, it’s plastic!), these little oil-blotting sheets that are absolute magic (and perfect for touchups during passing periods!), a travel-sized hand sanitizer (someone’s always sick), some post-it sized notecards on a key ring for studying and whatnot, some colored post-it strips for bookmarking pages in books, and some, y’know, other supplies, if you catch my drift. 

Minus the couple of textbooks and workbooks I’m waiting on, this is how I’m planning on organizing myself for this coming school year. I’d love to hear what your tried & true school supplies are–your plan of attack organization-wise, if you will. ðŸ™‚ 

Talk to you later, guys! 😀

– Grace

How to Survive a 15-Hour Car Ride

roadtrip DSC_0419DSC_0421spotify // instant camera

Happy Monday, everybody!

How are you? How was your week? Did ya have a good weekend? I’ve been out of the loop since I was on vacation, so I’d really like to hear :D.

As for moi, I had an  a m a z i n g  week out in D.C. and Williamsburg and am kinda of alarmed at just how fast it went. (If you’d like to hear more on that, as in, a whole post on the trip, comment below! 🙂 ) Also, the fact that school starts in three weeks and I still am barely half way done with my homework. I digress. 😛

Back to vacation. So we drove, all seven of us in one black minivan, out to D.C., and we did it in one day. From where I live, it totaled to be about fifteen hours from start to finish. We had breaks, of course, but a twenty minute bathroom break at a gas station in small-town Kentucky does not do much to make the time go by faster. 

This was not our first rodeo, however, lemme tell you. We’ve driven out to Wyoming (most. boring. drive. ever.), Niagara Falls, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Vero Beach (in Florida), just to, y’know, name a few. 😉 Because of all of these hours spent in the back seat of a car, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for how to make the time go faster (or at the very least, make it a little more enjoyable!). 

  1. Read. This may seem a bit obvious, but it works! Check out a book or two from the library, bring along the novel you’ve got to read for school, and heck, throw a textbook or two (okay, maybe just one. They’re kinda heavy) in the mix to get some reading out of the way. If it’s a good book, it’ll suck you in and the hours will fly, and if it’s more of a chore, reward yourself at little checkpoints with a small snack or a nap. After reading twenty pages about fifteenth century European expansion, I took a forty-five minute nap. It works out, right? 😛
  2. Food. This one’s kinda strange, but having a couple of fun snacks that you wouldn’t normally have (it is vacation, after all) makes it more enjoyable. A bag of peanut m&m’s, some fruit snacks, those frosted animal crackers with sprinkles (so good), whatever you like! Also, eating lunch or dinner in the car is almost better than stopping and eating, because you’re still driving and making progress while you eat your food. It’s a win-win. 
  3. Music/Podcasts. With a good playlist and some noise-canceling headphones, time can go by like that. If you’re driving through a pretty area (Pennsylvania is gorgeous, by the way), the music acts as your own personal soundtrack. Fun, right? Or, some relaxing music can help you fall asleep and cancel out the giggles and shouts and other noises made by your four siblings in the car with you. Spotify is my favorite app by far for this. If you don’t have it, definitely check it out! A podcast can be great, too, because it doesn’t eat up data the way a movie or video streaming can, but it’s just as entertaining. We listen to a lot of Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan in the car–both are hilarious. 
  4. Taking pictures. It might be fun to take a picture every time you cross into another state, or the different places you stop, especially if you get to use a camera like my little instax. It breaks up the time, too. 😀
  5. Napping. Sometimes, plain ol’ sleep is the way to go, especially when you have to wake up at five in the morning. Like I said, some noise-canceling headphones and a blanket can go a long way. 🙂
  6. Get crafty. Be it making friendship bracelets (who says you’re too old for that?), drawing, making a collage, or, in my case, crocheting, creating something handmade while in the car can serve as a souvenir of sorts. Also, you’ve got all that time on your hands–why not pick up a new skill? I’m working on a granny-square-turned-blanket that I’ve taken with me not only on this trip, but when we went to Mexico over spring break as well. 😀 
  7. Play a game. You can play the classic roadtrip games (punch buggy was banned because it got a little out of control, if you will), or you can do what my siblings and I did, which was download them onto the iPad and play until it died. The Game of Life was a fave, as well as checkers, oddly enough. 

Those are all my tips so far! I’d love to hear how you guys pass the time in the car, or on an airplane. Any suggestions are much appreciated–there’s definitely more roadtrips in my future!

Have a great day! 

– Grace



A Short Rant on Summer Homework

I sit here with a slightly throbbing hand after just completing over five pages of history notes and reading about twenty-three pages of tiny text. I now can cross off one chapter from my list of summer homework, leaving two more chapters to read and take notes on; five themes to analyze and summarize; fifteen current events to find to go along with those themes; not to mention a lengthy book I’m supposed to read (I’m actually kind of excited about that)–oh, and there’s questions to go along with that, too. 

What exactly will I gain from all of this? 

That remains to be seen, but I’m guessing a healthy participation grade in class and a good grade on a test we’ll be taking the second week of school. 

Now, depending on who you are and where you go to school and what courses you’re taking, this may seem like nothing, or it may seem like a lot. Either way, the effectiveness of this method of summer homework seems to be questionable, at least in my eyes. 

Don’t get me wrong–I understand why it’s assigned and the arguments for it.

  1. It’s a harder course so there’s a larger workload, there’s more ground to cover, just can’t fit it all in, etc.
  2. It’ll give you a head start next year.
  3. Can’t let your brain get out of shape over the summer!
  4. It’s great preparation for college!

As sarcastic as those sound, I do understand that there’s legitimate reasoning and logic behind it. 


At the same time, people go to school for a reason–they can’t teach themselves. I will most likely forget most of what I read and took notes on in the space of a few days, if that. Reading something and scribbling down the main ideas and important figures and dates is not learning the information. If I’ve got questions, I’m going to Google it, click the first or second link, and go with it. I didn’t gain a new perspective on that time period, or really grasp the concepts in the chapters because all it is is black type on a white background. Wouldn’t it be better to maybe cover less content but really learn the information that we do cover throughout the school year? Quality vs. quanity? Ah, but that’s a different debate for a different day. 😛

Plus, to add insult to injury, it’s a gorgeous day outside, one that I’ve spent hunched over my desk in my room, lit by the light of a fluorescent bulb, trying to cram as much as I can because we’re leaving for vacation this weekend and I know I have to work all day for the next couple of days. Yes, I know I’ve had all summer to do this, but, between camps and family trips and working and doing everything you can’t do during the school year, y’know, like having a social life and blogging and being fifteen–there’s not a whole lot of time left for homework, is there? 

And I know this isn’t that big of an issue and that I’ve got a pretty darn amazing life that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but it’s something that kinda makes me frustrated.  #firstworldproblems

Welp. I guess it’s best to just get it done. In the mean time, though, I’d love to hear about how you guys are handling your summer homework (if you have any, that is–if you don’t, lucky duck!) and your thoughts on it. 

Enjoy your summer, folks! 😀

– Grace


Getting Organized

planner3planner1planner // colorful flare pens

With a new blog schedule comes a new need to be organized, and a new excuse to go out and splurge on some cute organizational, erm, necessities, we’ll call it.  ðŸ˜‰ Hence the adorable planner. I mean, how could you resist? It’s Kate Spade. Let’s be real. 

Back to being organized. So, for me, I need to write everything down. Everything, or else it goes in one ear and out the other, and I have a feeling I’m not alone on that front–especially when it comes to school. Over the past couple of years, I’ve honed in on a strategy that works pretty darn well for me, and though I’m not in school as of now (woot woot), I thought I’d show you all how it works, what with school less than a month away and everything (I know, I know 😥 ). 

In colorful flare pens (I’ve read it helps with memory retention–we’ll see about that), I outline my class schedule on each of the spaces, with a miscellaneous line at the bottom. Kinda self-explanatory, I know. If I have any tests, quizzes, field trips, big projects due–you get my drift–I write that in black pen & highlight it next to the date. Any other social events and whatnot (though they’re few and far between during the school year, but it’s what I use my planner for in the summer!) get noted in a similar fashion. 

Now that your planner’s all set up, how do you keep it all nice and organized? Again, it’s taken me quite some time to figure out this handy-dandy system, but it’s kept me on track so far, so here goes nothin’: 

  1. Carry it with you. Everywhere. At (almost) all times. You won’t remember that you typed in that date on your phone, or that the homework assignment is on the back of your hand.  Stick it in your backpack, or better yet, keep it out on your desk where you can see it (during school, that is). You come to rely on it more than you think!
  2. Write it down the minute you get it. Be it the textbook reading for that night (those page numbers get mixed up real fast) or your practice schedule for field hockey, if you take the minute or two to jot it down, you won’t ever run into the oh, crap moment of forgetting something, or double-booking yourself. 
  3. Use the front pocketThis may seem like kind of a random tip, but I know I use it more than you’d think. Most planners come with a little paper pocket that seems useless at first glance–but it’s not. If your planner’s always on you, it’s a good place to keep important sheets that you don’t want to lose–business cards, field trip forms, invitations, school I.D.’s, etc. 
  4. Don’t let it fall to the wayside. Stay on top of it, because it can only help you. It’s like organizing a giant stack of mental paperwork into neat little file folders; it’s a breath of fresh air. 

I am not the most organized person on the planet, lemme tell ya, but if someone had given me this at the beginning of freshman year, I think it would’ve helped me learn to juggle life in general just a tad better. My younger brother is going to be a freshman this year (future blog post? Inside the mind of a freshman boy? 😛 I digress), and it just made me think of the little things I wished I would’ve known when I started high school–like how to organize my planner. 🙂 Everyone has their own way of doing things, and you can tweak this method until it suits you best, but it’s a starting point, right? 

Enjoy your weekend! 😀

– Grace


Switching Things Up: Sweet Grace’s Life 2.0

Good afternoon, folks! 

So, as you might’ve noticed, I’ve done some redecorating.

Like, majorly. 

I bet you’re looking around, wondering what on earth a “tidbit” is and what that has to do with chocolate chip cookies. What happened to the dark (chocolate!) side? 


It all has to do with a birthday and a talk with my mom over some chili. I’ll explain. 

The Back Story: 

So this blog is gonna be two years old in about two weeks, and I’ve been feeling kinda lackluster in the direction that it was going. I love this little corner of the interweb, don’t get me wrong, and all of the creative freedom that this platform gives me, but what with my job and a host of other things, I wasn’t able to put in the effort that I wanted to, and the long, wordy posts filled with a multitude of painstakingly edited photos took a good day or two to put together, and it just wasn’t working. The posts were starting to feel insincere, and it made me sad. So, one night over bowls of chili & guac, my mom and I pieced together a new direction for SGL, filled with, as the new tagline suggests, style, school, beauty–and, of course, food.

And thusly, Sweet Grace’s Life got a makeover.

How It’s Going to Work: 

Every post on SGL (the food ones, at least 🙂 ) is archived under the Sweet Eats category, and the others under the Tidbits & Tangents page. Future posts will be archived under the four categories that you see in the navigation bar–Style Snaps, Sweet Eats, Tidbits & Tangents, and Brain Candy. 

As far as posting frequency goes, I’m hoping to post much more often–to the tune of 4 or 5 times a week. Now, granted, these are not going to be super in depth, wordy posts, filled with a hundred pictures and whatnot. They are going to be Sweet Life Bites–sweet, short, and to the point. 😉 On weekends, I’m thinking about putting together longer, more in-depth posts, but as far as weekdays go, that’s the plan. 

I think. 

This is totally a learning process–new writing style, new schedules, new photography style, new blog layout–so I’m just gonna ask you to bear with me. 😀 You guys who read this blog have stuck with it through the crazy irregular scheduling and all,  so if you have any comments, suggestions, thoughts for improvement, anything at all, please leave a comment or send me a quick note. It’s all very much appreciated. ❤ 

Enjoy your day, lovelies! Thanks so much. 

– Grace

Quick Note

Screenshot 2015-06-07 at 11.41.38 AM

Hi all!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. I got to sleep in, so y’know, I did. 😉

So I just wanted to explain (and apologize!) for something–in a couple of my recent posts, I said I was so excited to get back into regular blogging (which I totally, hundred-percent am!)…and then I totally miss a week of SLBW & food posts. 


You see, last Saturday I went to a baby shower, which was completely fun but didn’t leave much time to blog, and then last Sunday, as you may have seen on Instagram, I ran my first half marathon! (I’m the one in the pink headband). Woot woot! Again, a total blast, but I was kinda outta commission for the rest of Sunday so

And then, as far as this past week goes, I’ve had finals at school (ahhh!), and then job training this weekend, and then more finals tomorrow…

I’ll figure it out, I promise. 🙂 Thank you all for reading! I appreciate each and every reader. 😀

Enjoy your weekend!

Grace ❤

Yet Another Note on Scheduling

Good evening, everybody! This little update is coming to you late(r) at night (than usual). 

And that’s sorta because it’s the only time I could fit it in. 

Which is kind of the reason behind this post. 


If you remember last year at this time, I put something out there called “A Note on Scheduling”, and proceeded to not blog for 6 months. 

I don’t really want a repeat of that!

What there may be a repeat of is the time-crunch insanity. School started again, and I am pretty much booked Monday-Friday from 6:45 in the morning until at least 8 at night, homework and projects and practices all factored in. Saturdays are eaten up, too, so that leaves Sunday afternoons for blogging (Sunday mornings are spent at Church). 


You see my dilemma. 

I don’t have a complete plan all figured out yet, because I don’t have all of the information yet. What I do have is a promise that I will try my hardest to keep blogging, and whether that means dropping SLBW for now (I know 😦 ), or only updating once every two weeks (I know D: ). I’m not sure. I love this little corner of the interweb a lot, so I’ll keep posting…but there will definitely be some post irregularity. I’ll keep you guys updated (I promise!) and will definitely continue to stay active via Twitter, Instagram (maybe I move SLBW to Insta? Thoughts?), etc. 

There’s a muffin recipe in the works, FYI. 😉 

See you guys soon!

Juicy Peach Cobbler (and Yearly Recap)



Has it really been a year?

A whole year since I started this blog? 

That’s insane. 

It’s weirding me out! 

But, unless the calendar is lying (in which case we are all in massive amounts of trouble), a year ago today I posted my first recipe (which happened to be for some de-licious snickerdoodles). 😉 

I didn’t start SGL with the expectation of gaining popularity, or recognitio,n or even for it to be read at all (that would be nice, though!). I love(d) baking, writing, and photography, and this blog gave me this amazing outlet to express all of this random creativeness into a cohesive little corner of the interweb. 😀

In the year that I’ve been blogging, so-o-o-o many people have supported me in one way or another–be it introducing me to a food (Lizzardbacon); allowing me to photograph treats we’d made together at her house (Anna); setting up an Instagram account because I was clueless on how (my aunt Kate); telling people about my blog (my family, especially!); acting as an inspiration (Sally’s Baking Addiction, Joy the Baker, Bakingdom, just to name a few!); and even reading it (all of you!). 

It’s so surreal to think that people take the time to visit my blog, read my posts, leave a comment, and share it with people. It’s mind-blowing to me! 

All the same, thank you, guys! I hope this next year is as fabulous as the last. 😀

Shall we do a yearly stat recap? I think so!

  • My most-pinned recipe was the Death-by-Chocolate Zucchini Bread and was pinned over 800 times
  • The most views I’ve gotten in a day was 200 
  • People from 57 different countries around the world have visited SGL
  • There are 37 posts in total on Sweet Grace’s Life
  • 27 of those posts are recipes
  • 6 of them are Sweet Life Bites Weeklies 
  • There was one 6 month hiatus this year (whoops!) 
  • There are 4 social networks connected to SGL (Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin, & Google+) 
  • SGL has had 2 domain names over the year
  • And for amazing year I’ve had SGL! 😀

And now…onto the peach cobbler! 😀


In honor of SGL’s 1st birthday (can blogs have birthdays?), I decided to make something birthday-appropriate. But I figured I’d ticked the traditional cake box (in a non-traditional way) with the Birthday Cake Pancakes, so when my mom recommended making a peach cobbler, I jumped right on it!

Juicy, syrupy peaches are spiced with cinnamon and layered with a buttery, crumbly topping and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. This cobbler captures summer perfectly when served warm with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream! 

I feel like we all know those people who don’t like cake. Or they prefer pie over cake. 

I am most definitely not one of those people. 

But I have friends (and my dad *cough cough*) who are like that, and in this cobbler, my friends, cake has met its match. 😀


I even stuck a candle in it and everything! 

(Erm, excuse the lighting…and the photo…I took it around 7:30 with some horribly yellow kitchen lighting so…yeah.) 😉

If you could put summer into a dessert, this would be it. It’s just brimming with juicy peaches and this cinnamony-syrupy goodness that fills up all the cracks and crevices–not to mention the buttery cake topping. 

Swoon-worthy. Positively, absolutely swoon-worthy! 


You start off with about eight peaches, all sliced and peeled, and you mix ’em up with some sugar, spices, lemon juice, and cornstarch. You pour them into a greased pan and bake them for 10 minutes, until they look a little something like this. 


They. Smell. Heavenly. 

While they’re cooling, you’ll whip up the cakey topping, which involved whisking together some all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt, as well as working in some cold butter with your fingers.

I am going to have cake batter under my nails for the next week and a half, but it was well worth it! 

You’ll then stir in a 1/4 cup boiling water and spoon the mixture over the baked peaches. After that, you’ll sprinkle the whole shebang with some cinnamon sugar. 


You’ll pop that in the oven for another half hour or so, until it gets all golden on top. While this is baking, it makes your house smell like a bakery. Oh, goodness. The amount self-control it requires to wait for it to cool once it’s out of the oven is insane. 😉 


We ate this after dinner served warm with vanilla ice cream. Oh, goodness. The peaches are fresh and juicy and drowning in this syrupy, rich, cinnamony concoction, and then it’s topped with this layer of crumbly cake that’s positively coated with cinnamon sugar. 


Why don’t we just get to the recipe? 😉 

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′]